Craig kielburger dating

Craig kielburger dating
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With all the idealism and zeal of youth, he spoke to his class about what he had learned, and his crusade against child labor had begun.

Well, maybe you couldn’t have called it a crusade just then.

Next week, Craig will take the stage once again to accept the 15th Anniversary Achievement Award at the World of Children Annual Awards Ceremony.

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He stumbled across a headline that read, “Battled child labour, boy, 12, murdered.” The article reported the brutal murder of a young Pakistani boy named Iqbal Masih who became an international activist against child labor after escaping from bonded labor at a carpet factory.

Craig was stunned; he himself was 12 years old, yet had never had to endure what Iqbal had gone through.

World of Children Award Partner, C2SDK will be providing 2,600 children with computers that will help them learn, study, and grow this summer.

These children and their families could not otherwise afford these computers. Visit their web site at of Children© Award is proud to partner with Molten – one of the world’s top suppliers of athletic balls and sports equipment – in support of their Pass It Forward program to help children experience the joy of sport, play and philanthropy.

He traveled to many countries, speaking out against child labor. His mother remains convinced that the carpet factory owner had a hand in his killing.