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Surface exposure dating has provided to be an invaluable tool for numerical dating of moraines.However, the surface exposure ages of moraine boulders cannot always be equated to the age of the landform.The actual publication of Reuther is a throughout revised and condensed version of her dissertation connected to a major research project on surface exposure dating between the Alps and the Altai. The first part, covering about 40 pages, gives an introduction into the methodology, and general information about related calibration and interpretation.

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Dabei wurden jeweils Ablagerungen des letztglazialen Zyklus herangezogen.

Es wurden Geschiebe aus Moränen und Findlinge datiert, wobei zu berücksichtigen ist, dass durch den Einfluss periglazialer Aktivitäten und durch Toteisaustauschprozesse nachträgliche Lage ver ände rungen stattgefunden haben können.

A detailed review of processes that affect moraine boulders in different glacial environments shows that precise exposure ages are more probably derived from small valley glaciers, whereas exposure ages from moraine boulders deposited in glacial environments where dead ice prevailed after deglaciation show a wide scatter in ages.

Different interpretation models for surface exposure ages from moraines are summarized.

Linking the past athmospheric circulation pattern to terrestrial climate proxies is essential for an understanding of climate-glacier interaction.