Dating portale vergleich Bielefeld

Dating portale vergleich Bielefeld
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The Data Seal of Approval board hereby confirms that the Trusted Digital repository PUB-Publications at Bielefeld University complies with the guidelines version 2014-2017 set by the Data Seal of Approval Board.The afore-mentioned repository has therefore acquired the Data Seal of Approval of 2013 on March 9, 2017.

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The repository is compatible with Open AIRE which supports and monitors the Open Access mandate in EU Horizon 2020.

Technically, PUB is based on the Libre Cat [1] framework developed by the university libraries Gent, Lund and Bielefeld.

The Trusted Digital repository is allowed to place an image of the Data Seal of Approval logo corresponding to the guidelines version date on their website.

This image must link to this file which is hosted on the Data Seal of Approval website.

Darüber hinaus unterstützt sie Projekte und Maßnahmen, die die Berufsorientierung von Jugendlichen und die Kooperation zwischen Schulen und Unternehmen verbessern.