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is a unique association that was created by the fishermen of Thorupstrand, a village located in the most north western part of Denmark.This association was set up in reaction to changes in fisheries legislation that were introduced in the mid 2000’s and which saw the privatisation of fish quotas.If you are not keen on eating out, the region is rich on produce markets selling delicacies which you can enjoy in your holiday cottage.

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From then on fish quotas could be bought and sold by fishermen, leading to strong concentration of the industry with bigger companies buying up the largest share of the quota.

The Thorupstrand fishermen got together and set up a guild whose first mission would be to buy up quotas to ensure that fishing opportunities would remain in the hands of its local community[1].

The Bay Denmark, Jammerbugten, is rich on excitement – to be found on wood paths as well as in the authentic inshore fishing culture by the sea.

Here, the local aquavit, the snaps, should be enjoyed in the rays of the sun.

The Thorup beach fishermen’s guild, the “Thorupstrand Kystfiskerlaug”, has reconverted one of its traditional fishing boats into a floating fish shop and obtained authorisation to moor it in the heart of Copenhagen.