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Gratis dating Vallensbæk
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Students with other international exams can find the information in the Exambook made by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.English B corresponds to the testscores below: Cost & fees Higher education in Denmark is provided free of charge for all EU/EEA citizens and for students participating in an exchange programme. The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology has an internship coordinator for all students to help you with the practical questions regarding the internship that you find yourself.

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This ensures that you learn to adopt an engineering approach during the programme.

During the fifth semester you can study abroad at another university or work on a project in a Danish company.

Technical-scientific undergraduate programme The General Engineering programme is a technical-scientific undergraduate study programme.

At the beginning of the programme, you are required to take a number of mandatory courses such as mathematics, physics and chemistry and you will experience the engineering spirit through design/build projects.

Entry Requirements You can apply for the programme on the basis of a Danish qualifying exam, or an equivalent international exam.