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Match dating Lejre
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I was protected back a month ago and they dealt with that member and I was protected.

As a consumer I think that Match is one of the highest rated in my book.

Dating has already been highly disappointing for me and Match has made the dating experience UNBELIEVABLY worse. Before I even paid for an membership my inbox was covered by supposedly pretty women that had interest in my profile. I would rather do which is free although never worked as well. By indicating that I am still available, Match is also being unfair to other users. I signed up for free service and 3 month subscription was given itself and money taken immediately from my credit card. I cancelled within 1/2 hour of finding out $$ had been charged.

Please don't believe their fake commercials as I did and do yourself a favor and save your money so you don't end up wasting more of your time and money. I wanted to cancel Match before they renewed me for another 3 months for these horrible matches that they send you and not making any connections. By keeping my profile active, the agreement has become a lose-lose proposition and false advertising to all. They have ZERO customer service and they DO NOT refund ever, even if it's their fault. Note that when Match states free trial they are referring to a limited access.

There is a customer service number you can call but I rarely have time to spend an hour on the phone during their business hours, which is Mon-Fri -. Then It's such a time waster and no real contacts so I try to cancel it - site refuses with like jumping thru 15 messages. Then all these messages asking you to re-activate your account. They send me emails of supposedly a couple interested women.

Match, I'm so sorry that I have a job that requires little to no free time during those hours while their response was I should have contacted during those hours. It's like a bottomless pits of spam - the site is very very old and clunky and does not allow you to edit anything until you've done it like 3-4 times. I decide to give it another try and of course all of a sudden these women disappear or do not respond.

I think if you are going to get highly mature men and a lot more security for their members, I know it cost but it is security.