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Test dating portale Bielefeld
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Within the context of the proof-of-concept we aimed to bring together and make available a representative and heterogeneous amount of academic on-line material.

Various document types and formats (both full-text and metadata), and the contents of the visible and invisible web were to be included.

In doing so, it takes up the thread of an earlier article on this subject, this time from a technical viewpoint.

The deficiencies of this approach were felt soon after the system was launched in June 2001.

There were problems with the stability and performance of the database retrieval system, with the integration of full-text documents and Internet pages, and with acceptance by users, because users are increasingly performing the searches themselves using search engines rather than going to the library for help in doing searches.

The back-end deals with the areas of data loading, pre-processing and data conversion, data assimilation, crawling and document processing and indexing.

The user interface is bi-lingual (German and English).

A test installation was quickly and flexibly agreed, the technical realisation of which also succeeded smoothly and without any problems.